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Water Quality


Water Touches Your Life in So Many Ways!


When talking about water and water usage, many questions and concerns arise:

1. How can I tell if I have hard water? Water is a universal solvent. It tries to dissolve everything it touches. Because of the vast amount of calcium and magnesium in our soils, and how easy it dissolves, about 85 per cent of homes have hard water. You can tell if you have hard water by scale deposits on faucets and fixtures, soap scum and deposits on dishes, clothes and bath tubs, difficulty getting soap to lather and white, floating pieces in ice water

2. What is water hardness? Water "hardness" is caused by minerals dissolved by ground and surface water. These minerals come from sedimentary rock such as limestone that dissolves in our water. Whatever water comes in contact with, it will dissolve a part of it. If minerals are present in your drinking water in high concentrations, the water is considered "hard."

3. What is softened water? A water softener replaces the "hardness" with sodium or potassium. Most often, water softeners are regenerated with salt and water. Regeneration is a process by which the softening materials inside the softener can be used over and over again. Once the regeneration is completed, the salt and water solution is flushed down the drain.


Q--How hot should I set my water heater temperature?

A--Experts say that 120 degrees is hot enough for most households. If you set the temperature higher, you run the risk of someone getting scalded.


UV Technology


Your water may be safe to drink today, but does that mean it always will be? Unfortunately the answer is no. The quality of your drinking water can change from day-today. Contaminants can infiltrate wells and aquifers and aging infrastructure can lead to increased risk of contamination. In fact, boil water advisories can make anyone a bit nervous. This is totally understandable you are not alone. After all, protecting your family is really the only thing that matters!

UV technology isn't new; it's been around since the early 1900s. By installing a UV water purification system your water is purified as it runs through a chamber containing a UV lamp. Illness-causing micro-organisms receive a dose of UV energy that attacks their DNA and alters their ability to reproduce, thus harmful bacteria and viruses are eliminated.

UV Max is easy to install into your existing water lines; maintenance involves changing the UV lamp once a year and cleaning the quartz sleeve surrounding the bulb; does not harm the environment and is extremely economical to operate (a typical system operates on the same power requirements as a 40 watt light bulb).


Take Back the Tap! Have Modern Heating and Plumbing install a UV Max system in your home, and when we replace the first bulb, your UV bulb is free.


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