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Indoor Air Quality


Whether you live in a new or old home, in a mansion or in a rambler, one of the most serious problems facing homeowners today is poor indoor air quality.

Most people agree that keeping heating and cooling bills down is a good idea…that’s why our society is building energy-tight homes and it’s why homeowners are remodeling and installing better windows, doors and adding layers of insulation.

Unfortunately, energy-tight homes come with a price…indoor air quality (IAQ) suffers because the homes no longer “breathe.”
Fresh outdoor air stays out and indoor air pollutants like dust, smoke, viruses and off-gassing from carpeting, furniture, paint…remain trapped inside.


Diagram of Aprilaire Electric Air CleanerFilters,
humidifiers, ultra violet lights,
and heat recovery ventilators
all help improve
poor indoor air quality.

Broan Heat Recovery Ventilator





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A Season Change;

Time for a Filter Change

Believe it or not, we do have clients who don’t know where their air lter is or even if they have an air lter. Why is an air lter important and how often should you change it? An air lter helps clear your air of unwanted dust and air borne par- ticles.

Depending on the MERV rating (minimum ef ciency reporting value) of the lter, the higher the rating the more it cleans the air. For example, a MERV rating of 1 to 4 is only going to lter out particulates of greater than 10 microns...a hu- man hair is often 10 microns. A lter with a MERV rating of 9 to 13 will lter out particulates of one to three microns.

You’ve guessed it, the higher the MERV rating the more the lter costs but keep in mind, the more it removes ”stuff” from your air. How often you change your lter depends on a number of things like the MERV rating, pleated or non-pleated, do you have pets... A general rule of thumb is if you have a one inch lter, change it monthly and if you have a four or ve inch lter change it every six months.

Cover All Your Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Quality Bases

baseball diamondYour home is where you want to feel comfortable and here at Modern Heating and Plumbing, we put you and your home comfort first!
We recommend and install equipment that is the best fit for your home and your needs.
To feel comfortable, in your home, heating and cooling equipment needs to be sized properly and your indoor air quality (IAQ) needs to be dealt with. IAQ includes things such as:

Temperature: Does the temperature remain constant or does it fluctuate? Are there hot and cold spots in your home? Temperature issues can be rectified with thermostats, zone dampers, ductwork changes or better furnace blowers.

Humidity: Is it too dry or too humid in your home? Humidity can be controlled with an air conditioning system, humidifier, air exchanger or dehumidifier.

Air borne particles: Control pollens with electronic air cleaners or HEPA filters. Control bacteria and mold with ultraviolet (UV) lights.

Noise: Are your registers whistling? Is your furnace blower loud? Noisy mechanical systems can be silenced with upgraded blower motors and whistling can be silenced by turning down blower speed or the proper sizing of ductwork. Your heating and cooling equipment, of course, plays a major role in overall home comfort.

Maintenance: Do you have your furnace and air conditioning system cleaned and serviced on a regular basis? Do you check and change your filters…one inch filters should be checked monthly and a four to five inch thick filter is generally good for up to 6 months. Maintained equipment runs more efficiently and you increase its longevity. For those of you who don't want to remember to have your equipment serviced, Modern Heating and Plumbing does offer heating and cooling maintenance contracts.

Equipment: Does your furnace or air conditioner need to be replaced? Or does it need up-grading? If your equipment has been well maintained, air conditioning can last up to 15 years and furnaces up to 20 years…but issues of economic obsolescence apply. When weighing the costs and benefits of repairing or replacing older equipment, with more efficient HVAC equipment keep in mind fuels costs; rebates from manufacturers and utility companies; high-efficient, properly sized equipment increases over-all comfort; new equipment is quieter; new equipment has warranties and new equipment is easier on our environment.

Let Modern Heating and Plumbing help you hit a home comfort home run! Give us a call at 218-847-7459.

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Carbon Monoxide


Enjoy Maximum Comfort in Your Home

The TrueEASE Evaporative Hu- midi er is the perfect t for your home! It eliminates main- tenance hassles with an easy access pad and will save energy by eliminating the constant cy- cling of air and allowing you to set your thermostat at a lower temperature, as humidi ed air feels warmer than dry air. Once installed, this humidi er will deliver comfort throughout your entire home using your central heating system.


“For Your Family’s Comfort,” contact us to help you improve your IAQ!

Our technicians are NATE certified


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